Pregnancy videos may put you off childbirth slightly (or a lot) however, they are actually very useful, and extremely interesting for expecting parents.

Every day of pregnancy something astonishing is happening inside your, or your partner’s, womb, but unfortunately, you’re not really able to see what it is (unless cutting your tummy open is something you’re interested in).

However, there are some pregnancy videos which focus on allowing soon-to-be parents for the first time (or soon-to-be parents for the second or third or fourth time AKA the ones who cannot get enough of diapers and early mornings) to see what is going on in mummy’s tummy using animations, cutting out all the gory and gruesome bits which is lucky for those as squeamish as me.

Where to find Pregnancy Videos?

There are many (and I mean many) baby development videos available on YouTube and can be found easily by quite simply searching (you will never guess what) “pregnancy videos” or (here comes a shocker) “baby development pregnancy videos”.

Some of these videos focus on the pregnancy week by week and some include all forty weeks in a short time lapse. The range of videos offered by the internet allows you to find whatever you are looking for – it’s like a pregnancy video Amazon.

And if you are expecting twins, or perhaps even more than two (in which case, good luck my friend), then there are twin baby development videos as well.

On top of baby development pregnancy videos, there are also ones available based around your own or your partner’s development. These enable you to recognize any changes to your own body during pregnancy. Again, there are also ones available for those expecting more than one baby.

There are also animations available online that show fertilizations and the reproduction of your baby’s cells as it grows, as well as pregnancy videos educating people on how to get pregnant however, I doubt that is really needed anymore… (but I included it anyway… in case you forget next time).

What you can find

The crazy world of the internet also includes childbirth videos, which will probably make you shed a tear of joy (and possibly of fear).

Childbirth truly is a beautiful thing, and it is very helpful for soon-to-be mothers, like you, to watch child delivery videos (despite how off-putting you may find them to be) – it will teach  you a few things before the big day comes.

They’re also a pretty amazing thing to watch anyway – a gorgeous child being brought into the world, just like your baby soon will be (the explicitness of these videos is unknown to me – I will let you find that bit out yourself).

An extremely important aspect of pregnancy health is exercise, for example, yoga. But don’t worry if this kind of workout is new to you, it is not particularly hard (and it is not just for crazy women who live in a tree house), especially with pregnancy videos to aid your exercises.

Along with the exercise routine videos that are available online, there are also pregnancy health tips that will be extremely useful for organizing things like your diet during your pregnancy.

How they will help you

There are also many videos titled “guides to pregnancy”, which I am sure are very helpful for…something… I’d recommend watching them anyway, especially if this is your first pregnancy. (There are useful, I promise!)

A cute idea for expecting mothers would be to create their own time lapse of their pregnancy. Some may decide to share the video with pretty much everyone online, while others may choose to keep it to just themselves and their family and watch it with their child when they are older – whatever you do, watching your own pregnancy back in a few minutes is pretty extraordinary.

Another cool idea is to vlog your pregnancy. Whether it is to watch back with your family or to share with others on the internet, they can be very fun too.

Many vlogs made include any problems that have occurred during the women’s pregnancy and this may be especially important if you are going through the same thing.

You can also share videos on online forums or community areas of pregnancy websites and apps, allowing you to ask questions and express thoughts and concerns with others going through the exact same thing as you.

Making your own pregnancy video would be nice to watch with your partner and your child later on, but it would also be extremely sweet to watch with the rest of your close family.

To give the great news

A pregnancy video could also be an interesting method to announce your pregnancy to the ones you love, or just the thousands of friends you have on Facebook who you don’t really know, but kind of want to make them jealous (which is perfectly fine).

Pregnancy videos are also fantastic if you are traveling. Just simply download them onto your phone, tablet, or any other device, grab your Foam Memory Travel Pillow, and voila! (You could also pick up a chocolate bar and then it really would be perfection)