Having finally sat down after a long day of, well, doing just that (and making a lot of trips to the bathroom), you’re probably thinking “what should I watch tonight?”

Unfortunately, I have to answer this with a question of my own:

What kind of a question is that?

Romantic comedies, my friend, is the only reasonable answer.

And if you’re not usually into this genre, then you are now (unless you’re really against the idea, in which case, any documentaries, science fiction or horror movie that includes a pregnant character will do).

What is the appeal of pregnancy movies?

Pregnancy movies are possibly the best thing invented. Despite the fact they make childbirth look quite a bit easier than it actually is, and the girl always gets the hot guy, they’re pretty entertaining.

And if you’re a man reading, then be prepared, this is probably all you will be watching for the next nine months.

Pregnancy movies are always quite the rollercoaster – who’s the father? Will they stay together? What a coincidence that Steve Martin’s wife and daughter are pregnant (if you don’t know what I’m on about then you have a long way to go) – which does make them a little unrealistic, but when you’re expecting a child what else would you watch!

I would recommend horror movies, but any thriller or horror film that includes a pregnant woman will probably be the opposite of what you want to watch (unless you’re into the idea of giving birth to the Devil or some vampire baby).

It’s bad enough when you watch a horror movie that involves a creepy child, especially when their head is spinning around without the rest of their body, but the baby itself is just disturbing (and it may put you off buying your child a music box to avoid the eerie music they play unnecessarily in horror movies to make your thoughts of a child even more weird).

However I completely understand that there are so many pregnancy movies available (especially on Netflix) that it may be hard to decide on which one to watch.

And so to help you I have created a list of my favourite pregnancy movies and what they’re about:

Waitress (2007)

Jenna, a waitress in a small diner, uncovers the fact that she is pregnant and, due to her abusive husband, she decides to run away before anyone finds out. However, she finds love with her doctor, the only person who is aware of her condition.

Cast: Keri Russell, Adrienne Shelley, Nathan Fillion, Jeremy Sisto

Juno (2007)

Now this is a classic – After Juno, a teenage girl who became pregnant after a one night stand, decides to put her baby up for adoption, the prospective father of the baby begins to fall for Juno which sacrifices his marriage and the adoption.

Cast: Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012)

Five couples who are expecting a baby, including two celebrities, a photographer and her husband and two rivals (who are technically not a couple), journey through the world of pregnancy and some other stuff happens and yeah (you should watch it)

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks

These are just a few movies out of many – and I mean many.

Other options (depending on your tastes)

Documentaries on pregnancy and motherhood may also be extremely useful and interesting to watch (relatable movies are always the best).

It is important that you’re pretty informed about childbirth, and especially about looking after the baby once they’re actually out in the world. Documentaries, as boring as they can sometimes be, are full of information and it’s exciting to see other women experiencing exactly what you are (including all the morning sickness).

You could even make your own movie about your pregnancy that you could watch with your child once they’re grown up (although, if my mother suddenly showed me a video of my birth, I’d probably feel a little queasy).

Some pregnancy movies could also be extremely good to watch if they are based around a certain issue, like miscarriage or an issue during labour, which could help you if you have suffered from the same problem.

Any sci-fi pregnancy movie is likely to focus on some alien or mutant baby, which, unless you are Spok himself, is probably not the most relatable thing to watch at this time, or at all really (so my advice is stick to romantic comedies – they’re fun and exciting to watch).

So get comfortable with your Comfort-U Total Body Pillow, turn on a pregnancy movie and get yourself even more excited about your pregnancy than you were before!